Matteo Renzi Asked To Form New Italian Government

Matteo Renzi ha ricevuto l’incarico di formare il nuovo governo. In questi casi, oltre ai quotidiani nazionali, mi piace dare un’occhiata anche ai siti esteri. Le cose, viste da lontano, si capiscono meglio.


Center-left leader Matteo Renzi was asked to form a new Italian government on Monday, paving the way for him to become the country’s youngest ever Prime Minister.

President Giorgio Napolitano asked Renzi, 39, to form a new parliamentary coalition after the former premier Enrico Letta was pushed out in a Democratic Party (PD) coup Friday, USA Today reports.

Renzi, the mayor of Florence, is a political neophyte on the national stage, and has promised bold economic reform for the economically struggling euro zone country. Italy saw just a 0.1% GDP growth in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The Tuscan politician would be the third prime minister in a row nominated by Napolitano without having won an election, as Italy reels from political scandals including the one that embroiled former center-right President Silvio Berlusconi, who was convicted last year for tax fraud.

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